Pods Float, 2016. top view. Digital print, wood, vinyl. 2015

Juanita Lee-Garcia employs strategies of repetition in her process, and repurpose in her image selection to conceptually and materially investigate the potential, and limits, of ethnic décor in consumer culture. Primarily built around a mass-produced a vinyl table cloth and other decorative objects –-Lee Garcia’s artistic practice shifts between sculptural and conceptual work that mines simple gestures, such as slicing, inserting, folding or continuous printing to build new and abstract forms that are at once unfamiliar yet comforting. Through the work, Lee Garcia explores the history and potential of the image and material, their cultural and social association, and aesthetic feel generated in relation to the public, private, and consumer spaces related to the consumption of cultural identity - specifically that of the Latino. Other fundamental notions in Lee Garcia's work include the durational labour in the act of making, mediation and process that contributes to the visual rhythm of repeated gestures and forms, excess, multiplicity, craft, and the complex notions of taste and class. 

Juanita Lee-Garcia received a Master of Fine Arts from Western University in 2016. Previously, Lee-Garcia attended Queen's University where she completed a BFAH in Visual Arts with a Minor in Art History in 2014. She is interested and involved in the fields of Art and Education, and is currently completing a Master of Education in Leadership, Higher and Adult Education at the University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. She is is the recipient of multiple academic merit scholarships and awards and has presented at international conferences. She has a social media presence on Instagram @jleegarc where you can find images of current projects on the go including: installations, studio experimentation, and performances.